Alejandro Dumay P.

Senior Consultant

Alejandro Dumay P.

Alejandro is an expert in tax law and has concentrated his practice in corporate and personal planning, tax consulting and tax litigation. He was a professor of Tax Law and in post-graduate courses at the Law Schools of the Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Santiago, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad del Bío Bío, Universidad Diego Portales, among others.

Among his publications, the following stand out:

Author of "The Tax Crime," for the licentiate thesis in legal sciences at Universidad de Concepción, 1968.

Author of "The Justification for Investments," award winning monographs published in PriceWaterhouse. National Competition, 1988.

Author of "The Tax Credit before the False Invoice," Legal Editorial Cono Sur, Santiago, 2000. Author of "The Tax Prescription," Universidad de las Américas Audit School Journal, year 1, N° 1, 2010.

Author of "Comments to the FUT Registry," Revista Gaceta Jurídica, No. 375, 2011.

Author of "Value Added Tax. Theoretical - Practical Approach," Center of Tax Studies Universidad de Chile, Santiago, 2011.



Law, Universidad de Concepción, 1968.

Master in taxation law, Universidad de Chile, 1988.



Chile, 1968.



Spanish and english.

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Alejandro Dumay P.