January 25th, 2019

Avante Financial Group signs a Framework Agreement with Sencorp for the granting of a series of Preferential Real Estate Capital


BSVV advised Avante Financial Group("AvanteFG") in the negotiation with Sencorp of a Framework Agreement and contracts through which structures of preferential real estate capital will be developed for approximately UF 1,000,000. Additionally, BSVV advised AvanteFG in the constitution of a Private Investment Fund that will have, as an objective, the investment in vehicles destined to enter into said contracts.

AvanteFG, a financial advisory and specialized financial studies company, was awarded said contracts in the tender process through which Sencorp sought preferential capital investors for the construction of a series of real estate projects to be developed jointly with Metlife and Inversiones Muni in the Metropolitana and Valparaíso regions.

BSVV advised AvanteFG in the closing of the Framework Agreement, the contractual structure for the investment of the preferred capital and the
vehicles through which the investments will materialize.


José Joaquín Silva Irarrázaval

José Joaquín Silva Irarrázaval
María Soledad Marín Ortúzar

María Soledad Marín Ortúzar
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