November 5th, 2018

BSVV advises Inmobiliaria Kant in the structuring of a residential condominium of sites and houses in the Punta Pite sector


With an approximate investment of US$24 million, the real estate project considered the acquisition of approximately 60 hectares of land, located in the Punta Pite sector, community of Papudo, by the Conpax group for the design, development and commercialization of a condominium sites and housing.

The aforementioned project will involve a challenge from the point of view of real estate co-ownership, as it will be composed in principle of 177 lots under the type B co-ownership regime, within which 37 will be structured under the co-ownership regime Type A, contemplating a total of 252 salable units.

Our law firm advises Kant in all legal matters related to the development, urbanization and sale of said project.

The project was financed by Banco Consorcio.

BSVV advises Kant in the development, financing, structuring, negotiation and sale of a real estate project in the community of Papudo


José Joaquín Silva Irarrázaval

José Joaquín Silva Irarrázaval
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