May 16th, 2023

BSVV signs partnership with Bosko to generate green spaces with community impact


Under this alliance, Barros Silva Varela & Vigil will contribute a pocket forest to the Centro Educacional Cardenal Samoré, a municipal technical-vocational high school located in the heart of La Florida, 2 blocks from the intersection of avenues Vespucio and Vicuña Mackenna, one of the busiest corners in the country. The school offers day and night classes and this green area will benefit both the school and the neighbours due to its location.

Under the Japanese Miyawaki technique, which reduces forest growth time from 200 to 20 years, 10 times faster than a traditional plantation, small forests are created that allow the transformation, in a short time, of wasteland or degraded land into green and wild forests, which are a refuge for biodiversity and which also sequester carbon, generate oxygen, retain water, reduce temperature and improve human health and well-being.

Claudia Ferreiro, the partner who promoted this initiative, said that the idea of providing a green space in a school has several purposes: social and environmental, as it generates green infrastructure at the service of people, creates a meeting place and promotes the link and attachment with our natural heritage; and finally, aesthetic, as it beautifies and dignifies places that were formerly degraded or abandoned.

If you want to know more about Bosko, we invite you to visit their website

This alliance was born out of the desire to make a contribution beyond legal services, where it could have an impact in several ways: education, community, contribution to public space and care for the environment.


Claudia Ferreiro Vásquez

Claudia Ferreiro Vásquez
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