Brazilian Desk

Brazil is Chile’s largest commercial partner in the region and Chile the second to the latinamerican giant.

Despite their cultural differences, Chile and Brazil share an intense and increasing commercial partnership. Straightforward rules, Free Trade Agreements with over 70% of the World´s GDP and overall political stability have traditionally outweighed Chile’s relative small market, making it an interesting springboard for Brazilian investors. In turn, the enormous size of the Brazilian domestic market has encouraged savvy Chilean corporations to explore opportunities within, what they perceive, as a complex regulatory environment.

Overall commercial exchange between both countries reached US$14 billion in year 2022.

Considering the differences in the jurisdictions involved and, especially, in their legal and cultural particularities, the success of these projects depend, to a great extent, on a knowledgeable team of advisors. Our job is to reduce potential legal obstacles through a team of legal professionals from all Practice Areas within our Firm. Our legal specialists have extensive expertise in cross border transactions with Brazilian clients, and a deep understanding of both countries’ regulatory and risk environment.

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