Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil provides advice on corporate compliance, covering all areas required by current regulations. The Firm supports its clients by providing legal advice and training on corporate governance, policies, programs, design and implementation of prevention models, due diligence and codes of conduct in accordance with current legislation.

BSVV has advised several companies in the preparation, design and implementation of crime prevention models in compliance with Law 20,393, which establishes the criminal liability of legal entities, including the establishment of internal prevention policies, modification to the Internal Rules of Order, Hygiene and Safety, risk analysis and adoption of controls for each area of the company, trainings, among others.

BSVV also advises its clients and companies on compliance with the obligations that Law 19,913, which created the Financial Analysis Unit, imposes on certain individuals and legal entities in consideration of the economic activity they perform, such as registering in the portal of reporting entities, reporting suspicious and cash transactions, keeping certain records, establishing a crime prevention manual, among others.

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