Mining and Natural Resources

Barros Silva Varela & Vigil has extensive experience in providing comprehensive advice to mining companies, both Chilean and foreign, in all phases of project development and implementation, including exploration and prospecting, construction, the start of mining activities of ore and non-ore minerals, and the full operation of the same, until the end of its useful life with the closure of mining operations.

Barros Silva Varela & Vigil practice stands out mainly for its active participation in the study and analysis of mining concession rights and due diligence, permits, investment, financing, negotiation of mining contracts, acquisition and sale of assets and projects, and adoption of legal strategies in mining litigation. The firm is recognized for its broad legal knowledge of the mining industry and the quality of its services.

The Mining and Natural Resources area includes and extends to companies supplying and/or rendering services related to the mining industry in corporate matters and contracts specific to the mining industry, demonstrating the management and understanding of the economic, legal and technical aspects for the execution of their activities.

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