January 12th, 2023

Chilean Academy of History publishes bibliographic note on Rodrigo de Alencar’s book


The Chilean Academy of History was founded in 1933 by the most distinguished intellectuals and public men of the time. Its main objective is "the cultivation of the political, civil, ecclesiastical, military, literary, scientific and artistic history of Chile and other Latin American countries, and the research and study of related sciences, such as geography, and the various sources of history," according to the institution.

This Bulletin is published annually and has been issued since 2006.

We invite you to review the article published on page 361, here (spanish only).

The prestigious publication included a review of the text “Nilahue: tierra fecunda” by Rodrigo de Alencar in its 2022 annual publication.


Rodrigo de Alencar Baraona

Rodrigo de Alencar Baraona
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