What We Do

A renewed understanding of legal services and a fresh approach to challenges

From a national point of view, Barros Silva Varela & Vigil advises issuers and underwriters of stocks, bonds, commercial papers and securities in general, both from public and private offerings, in the structuring and registration process of the issuer and its securities before the CMF and the stock exchanges, as well as, subsequently, in the periodic compliance with the reporting duties. Likewise, we advise public and private investment funds from the incorporation of the administrators, the structuring and placement of the funds and their permanent regulatory compliance. We have experience in providing presentations on securities regulations to the CMF’s internal sectorial divisions, and we have advised large companies in the placement of bonds and commercial papers, as well as to underwriters in similar processes. Regarding derivatives, we assist our clients in the documentation and negotiation of ISDAs.

Regarding foreign markets and/or actors, we have advised Chilean companies in obtaining international financing through 144A Bonds in the United States, as well as foreign companies in the Chilean chapters of multi-jurisdictional public offerings.

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil has an experienced team that advises and represents companies, institutions and individuals in antitrust matters, including preventive advice, investigations before the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office and proceedings before the Antitrust Court and the Supreme Court in a wide range of matters, including cases of abuse of dominant position and collusion. Law firm’s practice includes the design and implementation of compliance plans, internal audits and investigations and merger control processes.

In the area of regulated markets, the team has broad experience in economic regulation and natural monopolies, providing legal advice on the detection and evaluation of regulatory risks, and contentious proceedings and tariff processes, working together with the Public Law practice area.

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil provides advice on corporate compliance, covering all areas required by current regulations. The Firm supports its clients by providing legal advice and training on corporate governance, policies, programs, design and implementation of prevention models, due diligence and codes of conduct in accordance with current legislation.

BSVV has advised several companies in the preparation, design and implementation of crime prevention models in compliance with Law 20,393, which establishes the criminal liability of legal entities, including the establishment of internal prevention policies, modification to the Internal Rules of Order, Hygiene and Safety, risk analysis and adoption of controls for each area of the company, trainings, among others.

BSVV also advises its clients and companies on compliance with the obligations that Law 19,913, which created the Financial Analysis Unit, imposes on certain individuals and legal entities in consideration of the economic activity they perform, such as registering in the portal of reporting entities, reporting suspicious and cash transactions, keeping certain records, establishing a crime prevention manual, among others.

We advise our clients in the design of preventive policies and compliance, designing policies and strategies for compliance with Law No. 19,496 on Consumer Rights Protection. We also provide services in the extrajudicial phase, such as negotiations and litigation with Sernac, Consumer Associations and private consumers.

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil has a team particularly dedicated to providing general corporate advice to its clients, both domestic and foreigners who settle and operate in the country, offering legal assistance in all aspects related to the operation of the company, its contractual relations, reorganizations, acquisitions, transformations and, in general, in all the challenges that arise in the day-to-day operation of a company.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Governance
  • Shareholders’ Disputes
  • Compliance
  • Venture Capital

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil advises domestic and foreign players in the energy generation, transmission and distribution market. Members of this team have participated in the development, construction, operation and financing of hydroelectric, solar photovoltaic, wind and thermoelectric power plants, among others.

This working group represents clients in corporate, regulatory and judicial matters, advising them on financings, mergers, acquisitions, energy supply agreements, in their relations with authorities and in disputes and litigation of this area.

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil advises clients in all aspects related to environmental care, including all aspects related to the Environmental Impact Assessment System (SEIA), relationship and negotiation with communities, litigation, administrative disputes, due diligence processes, land regulation and environmental liability and permitting.

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil has represented clients in bilateral or syndicated loans, local and international public and private equity and debt offerings and placements, securitizations and project finance.

  • Project finance
  • Issuance of domestic and international bonds
  • Syndicated financing

We provide comprehensive and close labor advice to our clients, covering all areas of labor law. We focus on getting to know the business and culture of each of our clients, in order to deliver tailor-made solutions according to their needs and characteristics. We advise domestic and foreign companies in all types of legal matters related to human resources and labor relations, addressing collective bargaining processes, labor disputes and litigation and engagement with authorities.

Given the growing volume of labor legislation, increasingly complex, we focus on compliance and prevention on labor matters, in order to identify risks and determine preventive and corrective measures to mitigate or reduce contingencies.

BSVV provides specialized advice in the prevention and resolution of complex disputes in commercial, civil, economic, constitutional, securities, corporate governance, consumer (class actions) and international trade (antidumping, safeguards and countervailing measures) matters in the most diverse markets and activities. 

The team has extensive experience in litigation before the courts of justice, Constitutional Court, national and international arbitration, and proceedings before special agencies such as the Financial Market Commission (CMF) and the Anti-distortion Commission (National Commission in charge of investigating the existence of distortions in the price of imported goods). 

We also assist our clients in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and mediation.

Barros Silva Varela & Vigil provides specialized advice on mergers and acquisitions, in all phases of the process, including preliminary negotiations, due diligence processes, and the preparation of all documents related to the transaction, such as promise to purchase and sale agreements, merger agreements, share purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, joint ventures, etc.

  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Corporate governance
  • Antitrust

Barros Silva Varela & Vigil has extensive experience in providing comprehensive advice to mining companies, both Chilean and foreign, in all phases of project development and implementation, including exploration and prospecting, construction, the start of mining activities of ore and non-ore minerals, and the full operation of the same, until the end of its useful life with the closure of mining operations.

Barros Silva Varela & Vigil practice stands out mainly for its active participation in the study and analysis of mining concession rights and due diligence, permits, investment, financing, negotiation of mining contracts, acquisition and sale of assets and projects, and adoption of legal strategies in mining litigation. The firm is recognized for its broad legal knowledge of the mining industry and the quality of its services.

The Mining and Natural Resources area includes and extends to companies supplying and/or rendering services related to the mining industry in corporate matters and contracts specific to the mining industry, demonstrating the management and understanding of the economic, legal and technical aspects for the execution of their activities.

We provide advice on matters of public procurement, administrative sanctioning law, permits and authorizations, and public litigation before various agencies, including sectoral agencies, Superintendencies, General Comptroller of the Republic, Constitutional Court and ordinary courts of justice.

BSVV has positioned in recent years as a reference in our country in the area of real estate development, urban law and construction.

We have a multifaceted team to provide comprehensive and strategic advice to our clients on all fronts of project exposure, always being aware of the legal, regulatory and judicial developments related to the real estate and construction industry.

Today we have clients engaged in the businesses of development of housing and commercial projects, offices, housing subsidies, multifamily, educational, industrial, cemeteries, nursing homes, construction companies, funds, etc. Our experience includes both urban and rural land developments.


In real estate matters, our advisory services include:

  • Corporate structuring, shareholder agreements, investment funds and joint ventures;
  • Bank financing, private financing, state funds, preferred equity, leasing and all kinds of collaterals;
  • Real estate management, marketing and asset management contracts;
  • Hotel operation contracts;
  • Study of ownership titles, rectification of objections, reservations, promises and purchase agreements;
  • Negotiation processes related to private and state-owned real estate;
  • Consumer protection.


In the area of permits, our advisory services include:

  • Preliminary projects and building permits;
  • Administrative and judicial claims processes;
  • Public Space Contributions Law;
  • Processes of land subdivision, mergers, harmonic sets;
  • Real estate co-ownership law;
  • Urban wetlands, forest management plans, sectorial environmental permits and environmental assessment;
  • National monuments and heritage protection.


Regarding construction contracts, our practice is focused on:

  • Lump sum and construction management contracts;
  • Special Credit for Construction Companies;
  • Litigation for builder’s liability.

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil has a team specially dedicated to regulatory matters and administrative proceedings before the General Comptroller of the Republic, the Constitutional Court, ordinary courts of justice, the Public Procurement Court and various superintendencies, in tariff regulation, sanctioning proceedings, legislative advice, among other areas of public law.

  • Bidding and public contracting
  • Administrative litigation
  • Administrative sanctioning
  • Litigation in public law matters before various courts (Supreme Court)
  • Permits before authorities
  • Filings before State agencies

Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil offers its clients a wide range of tax advice. This extends to the design and tax planning of the most diverse activities, in order to undertake, develop and exploit them in the most efficient way possible.

Our firm has extensive experience in proceedings before the tax authority, representing its clients before the Internal Revenue Service, the Tax and Customs Courts, and the superior courts of justice.