Real Estate, Urban Planning and Construction Law

BSVV has positioned in recent years as a reference in our country in the area of real estate development, urban law and construction.

We have a multifaceted team to provide comprehensive and strategic advice to our clients on all fronts of project exposure, always being aware of the legal, regulatory and judicial developments related to the real estate and construction industry.

Today we have clients engaged in the businesses of development of housing and commercial projects, offices, housing subsidies, multifamily, educational, industrial, cemeteries, nursing homes, construction companies, funds, etc. Our experience includes both urban and rural land developments.


In real estate matters, our advisory services include:

  • Corporate structuring, shareholder agreements, investment funds and joint ventures;
  • Bank financing, private financing, state funds, preferred equity, leasing and all kinds of collaterals;
  • Real estate management, marketing and asset management contracts;
  • Hotel operation contracts;
  • Study of ownership titles, rectification of objections, reservations, promises and purchase agreements;
  • Negotiation processes related to private and state-owned real estate;
  • Consumer protection.


In the area of permits, our advisory services include:

  • Preliminary projects and building permits;
  • Administrative and judicial claims processes;
  • Public Space Contributions Law;
  • Processes of land subdivision, mergers, harmonic sets;
  • Real estate co-ownership law;
  • Urban wetlands, forest management plans, sectorial environmental permits and environmental assessment;
  • National monuments and heritage protection.


Regarding construction contracts, our practice is focused on:

  • Lump sum and construction management contracts;
  • Special Credit for Construction Companies;
  • Litigation for builder’s liability.
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