December 6th, 2022

ReSimple Appoints Claudia Ferreiro to its Board of Directors


On November 26, ReSimple's constitution process was completed with the approval of the names that will form the board of directors of the institution that brings together those who must manage their packaging as waste and comply with recovery goals in accordance with the Extended Producer Responsibility Law (Ley de Responsabilidad Extendida del Productor, REP Law).

Thus, the board will be composed by Raúl Vejar (president); Hugo Ovando (vice-president), the directors Natalia Yankovic, Claudia Ferreiro, Nicole Nehme, Alberto Vignau and Gonzalo Uriarte (general secretary and director).

ReSimple is the first GRANSIC (Large Collective System) of waste management that is responsible for meeting the collection and recovery goals of the companies that compose it.

This is an association of companies formed to meet the recycling goals of companies that generate packaging as waste, with the participation of firms such as Agrosuper, Coca Cola, CCU, Cencosud and CMPC Tissue, among others.


Claudia Ferreiro Vásquez

Claudia Ferreiro Vásquez
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