November 3rd, 2022

Duke Law’s Dean of International Studies visits Barros Silva Varela & Vigil


This Wednesday, Oleg Kobelev visited the offices of Barros Silva Varela & Vigil to present Duke Law School and discuss how to apply to the best universities in the US.

Kobelev was received by our partner Roberto Lewin, Duke Law University alumni, and had the opportunity to exchange with BSVV associates and other lawyers who are interested in studying abroad. During the meeting, assistants took the opportunity to talk one-on-one with him and ask for advice on scholarship applications, letters of recommendation and writing successful essays.

"It's nice to welcome friends of Duke Law in Chile, and an honor to have Oleg in our firm. I think it was a sincere, honest, and very useful conversation for young lawyers who are thinking about pursuing an LLM", said Roberto Lewin, partner at Barros Silva Varela & Vigil and Duke Law alumni.

We thank all those who attended this private meeting and hope that we can continue to share activities like this with the legal community.


Oleg Kobelev visited our firm to discuss the best strategies for accessing LLM programs at elite U.S. universities.


Roberto Lewin Vial

Roberto Lewin Vial
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